When designing and installing new stairs in your home, one of the most important parts is how the staircase will be constructed. While this technical know-how will be down to a professional, it can be useful to lift some of the mystery surrounding the process. Here’s some insight into what’s involved in staircase construction.

Drawing Architectural Designs

The first stage of the staircase construction process actually starts during the planning and design period when architectural designs are drawn. It’s important to be as specific as possible during this step as each detail of the stairs can have an impact on how the design looks and works.

From here, 3D concept designs will also be created and agreed upon, developing the stairs based on the architectural potential of the site and your own preferences. For most projects, planning permission for new stairs will be required, so you can always speak to your local planning officer first to help form the architectural drawings.

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Working with Staircase Construction Companies

Your staircase designer will work closely with the build team to ensure they have everything they need to perform the job to the highest standards. The staircase construction team will require working drawings as a guide, technical information and a phased plan with all measurements and timelines in place for the build. When choosing a staircase company, always check they will coordinate the construction process for you to ensure work remains at a high quality.

Demolishing Existing Staircases

If you’re remodelling or replacing an existing staircase in your home rather than installing a new one (e.g. for a loft conversion, double-storey extension or new build), you’ll need to include the demolition of your current stairs in your budget. This work will need to be timed at the most appropriate stage of the project, with the stairs dismantled by a professional to ensure minimum damage and that replacing the stairs can happen soon afterwards.

Constructing the New Staircase

Every part of the staircase will be carefully designed and made to measure, from the size of the risers and treads to the stringer and handrail. This process will usually happen off-site in a manufacturing setting before delivery takes place at the right time in the build. Once inspected, the construction team will install each staircase feature in stages to ensure the complete structural integrity of the design. Any additional design details will be added before a final safety inspection takes place to sign-off the work.

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