Choosing a staircase design

Once the type of the stairs has been decided, defining the design of the staircase is the next crucial step. The following designs are trending currently in the world of interior house design and can transform your outdated property to a luxury looking, modern space – ready to show off to family and friends.

Central Spine

With its attractive design central spine staircase consist of a box or circular support system that runs in the middle of the stairs and it’s the only point of support, just like the spine in the human body. The greatest advantage of this design is that it does not require a supporting wall and it’s a good alternative to the floating staircase.  The open risers allow the light to pass through the staircase, which is why a central spine staircase usually is accompanied by a glass balustrade.

Floating staircase

Floating staircases or also known as a cantilevered are creating the illusion that the steps are suspended in mid-air. The treads have no risers which makes the staircase appear light and contemporary. They are perfect for new build houses as they require a strong load bearing wall to attach to.

Zig zag Stringer

This staircase design consists out of continuous run of treads, risers and stringers – they form a zig zag line along the stringer. This trend is becoming ever so popular in the newly build homes and is often a first chose by the engineers due to the solid structure of the staircase. Thanks to the closed risers the staircase is considered safer to use by children.


The last step before contacting a specialist company to deliver your staircase is choosing the material from which it’s going to be made.

Timber Staircases

When it comes to small residential projects the most commonly used material is still timber. The advantage of this material is that when damaged the staircase can be easily repaired and the cost would not be too high. In addition, timber staircases have a rustic look which will complement nicely houses in similar style. It will make the room seem comfortable and cosy. There are of course disadvantages when it comes to wooden staircases.

Firstly, the installation is expensive enquire highly skilled workers. Timber ages faster than other materials. Wooden staircases are also less resistant and must be treated to prevent pests.

Metal Staircases

Metal staircases are the most recent trend in the residential interior design. Associated only with industrial design in the past, bespoke metal staircases are now considered a design future in a lot of domestic projects. With their light profile and minimal material, they are the perfect addition to a modern Scandinavian home interior.

Combined with a glass balustrade they can completely transform a space giving it more temporary look. They are less messy to install and faster, compared to the timber staircases and can come in many shapes. They are more affordable as well, if not overly complicated.

Concrete Staircases

Are one of the most expensive staircases on the market. They are usually supplied in parts and assembled on site. When choosing concrete staircase, you need to consider the lead time, as sometimes it can be a while to produce them. The advantage of the concrete is that it can take any shape and gives the room a formal appearance.

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