Metal Staircases

One of DDC specialities is the design and construction of metal staircases. With long term experience in the sector we have minimized our lead time and optimised the product quality to a very high standard. Our team of designers is using the latest software in order to ensure the structural stability of the stairs and to show a preview to the client, so the design can be agreed.

Currently the metal staircase is one of the preferred choices for builders and designers due to their many benefits.

Great shape flexibility

Metal staircases have extreme versatility due to the nature of the material used and its properties. There are numerous different types of metals that can be used such as stainless steel, mild steel and brass. Each of them has different elemental properties, but all of them allow easy shape manipulation and good structural characteristics.

Looks good combined with all materials and styles

Metal can be paired with every material due to its neutral looks. Most commonly to soften the cold industrial appearance of the metal staircase, timber treads are added to soften it. People who are looking for more contemporary look, are combining metal treads with glass balustrade to create a sensation of light and modern design.

Infinite options for balustrade and tread design

Due to the laser cut technology, there are no restrictions of the shape of the metal treads and balustrades. With the help of special computer aided software, the staircase designers can easily integrate any shape including logos, floral motives or repetitive patterns, turning the staircase into a beautiful piece of art.

Low maintenance cost

One of the greatest benefits of metal staircases is that they have no need for a maintenance, compared to other types such as solid timber ones.
They require no special care like painting or varnish and yet they preserve their external appearance. Metal staircases are considered long term investment with high levels of resilience.

    Ideal for external and internal use

    Metal staircases are extremely resistant to the natural elements like rain, wind, low and high temperatures. That makes them ideal (not only for interior use) but for gardens and front access, which are often underestimated and usually are made from cast concrete. Using a bespoke external staircase can increase the value of the property as it can give it contemporary look adding to the overall aesthetics of the building.

    Short and clean installation

    Metal staircases have the shortest installation time compared to all other types. For example, a simple stainless-steel staircase can be designed and installed in less than 4 weeks. In addition, human error is highly minimised as everything is computer generated and machine cut. All the elements are prepared in an external workshop and installed on site for a maximum of 1 to 3 days (depending on the complexity of the project) which means minimal amount of rubbish is created during installation.


    Compared to other types of stairs, metal staircases are easy to install and do not require extremely qualified workforce to assemble. That makes them more affordable and the current preferred option in the industry.

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