When finding a staircase design ideal for your property, our team are happy to talk through your queries, ideas and concerns, but you can also find out more in our handy FAQ guide.

You can read all about us and our approach to staircase design throughout our website, but in a nutshell, we aim to provide high quality designs at competitive, affordable prices for our clients. We’ve created a more accessible staircase design service for homeowners, offering a personalised experience in which you can work with highly skilled designers who use 3D rendering to bring your staircase to life.

A staircase can make a huge impact on your home – in terms of both how it looks and practicalities within the property, so it’s important to create designs which work for you. Experienced, professional staircase designers are specialists in this area. They will help you to find the ideal solution for everything from your budget and property dimensions to the functionality and aesthetics you’d love to achieve.

How much your staircase will cost will depend on a number of factors. We strive to make high quality designs more affordable for property owners, so our standard staircases start at £9,000. However, during the customisation process, you may like to select additional features or create a more complex design. Once you’ve received your bespoke quotation, you can accept, or if you need the price to fall within a lower budget, our staircase designers can help you.

We’ve mapped out the step by step process, from creating your staircase design to preparing for the build and installation. Rest assured, our expert team will guide you through the process and keep you informed throughout, so you’re never left wondering what’s happening next.

Yes! Rather than working blindly on a design, one of our team will visit your home and conduct a survey to measure the dimensions in which the staircase will be built. This allows us to create accurate 3D rendering to give you a visual idea of how the stairs will work in the space, making it easier to achieve a design which works for you.

Most of our clients find it helpful to start with a standard design, but the fun really begins when customising the model to suit your needs. How much you tailor the staircase will depend on your budget, the dimensions of your home and the results you want. Many like to keep the design as simple as possible, whereas others have more specific ideas about what they’d like to add to the design. Our team will produce a bespoke quotation if your customisation options change the price.

Yes. Depending on the staircase you’ve chosen, there will be coloured features to help you put your stamp on the design. You don’t have to select a bold colour. Many clients choose classic white, grey or black shades, or something which suits their home décor and interiors. There’s a whole palette of RAL colours to choose from, so it’s easy to adjust each tone until you find one you like, using our 3D models to see how it will look within your property.

We can customise the staircase to include bespoke features such as the materials used, additional features and even the depth and number of steps. While we make things as easy as possible by providing seven standard designs which can be customised, if you have ideas for a unique design which doesn’t match these concepts, just speak to our team.

We travel to properties across the UK but are based in South West London, within easy reach of surrounding areas.

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