Premium Staircases

Here at DDC we understand that every client has its unique space and requirements. Our number one objective is to deliver a high quality product, which matches your set budget. If you want this extra something to your staircase, we can design it all!

Our team of specialists that can help you convert your staircase from a practical feature into a stunning focal point!

With our premium services we can design a bespoke product for your home, office or garden, adding additional features to make it look less then a simple staircase and more like an elaborate peace of art.

Premium services mean that there is no limit of the shape or material that can be provided. Depending on the client’s budget we can design and install all shapes of staircases made of high-end materials – solid timber, steel, glass, concrete, leather etc. All elements are bespoke and will match perfectly together – treads and balustrade, all compliant with the building regulations and structurally sound.

If you are still in doubt, contact us now and we can help you visualize the stair made for your home, and your home only! We offer free consultation, site visit and fee quote.