When looking at the home improvements you want to make, many property owners would love to update their staircase design but aren’t sure about how easy or expensive the process will be. Replacing your existing fittings with a bespoke staircase is one of the best ways to ensure the design is perfect for your home, whether you’re looking for a simple style or a more premium staircase.

What’s Your Budget?

One of the first places to start when you first look at designing a new staircase is what your budget will be. This will help you to make decisions based on this figure, set your expectations and keep your project on track from day one. A simple metal staircase could start at around £9,000, but you’ll need to bear in mind that factors such as any demolition requirements, the size of your property and the complexity of the design are going to affect how this changes the costs.

Easy staircase design process - Guide to designing & installing new stairs

Find Ideas for Your New Staircase

There are lots of different design ideas out there, including on social media, in home design catalogues and even on our website (check out our beautiful staircase gallery for inspiration). The design and installation process will be much easier if you go into it with some ideas, even if it’s shapes and materials you like or clearly defined ideas about how your existing staircase doesn’t currently work for you.

It’s a good plan to enter your initial consultation with some images you love to help you convey what you want to achieve. Remember, you don’t just have to stick to straight staircase designs if it doesn’t work best in the space, with spiral and L-shaped stairs also popular.

Speak to a Staircase Designer

Once you find your staircase designer, they’ll guide you through the next steps so that the project feels exciting rather than daunting. They cover everything from designing your initial project brief to conducting a site visit to see what could work in the space you have.

When you move onto the concept stage, this is where experienced staircase designers will work with architects to conduct the necessary checks to ensure the project is feasible, including planning searches. You’ll receive your draft drawings for approval, and you may be able to view digital 3D models of what the staircase will look like in your home, helping you to visualise the results.

From here, developed and technical designs will be created to include all relevant surveys conducted and submit your planning application. The construction can then be planned, using qualified contractors for the build.

Ready to start planning your staircase design?

Book a consultation with DDC London. We work closely with you to design your perfect staircase, whether you’re replacing an existing one or building from scratch. We operate across London, Surrey and surrounding areas, including Kensington, Notting Hill and Hertfordshire.