Staircase contractor for state-of-the-art staircase design in Hertfordshire

Here at DDC London, we bring the best and most affordable bespoke staircase design to clients in Hertfordshire. Beautiful staircases can become an architectural focal point within your home or commercial property and provide excellent functionality.

Our small team of professional staircase architects aims to make the process as seamless as possible. We offer a complete end-to-end service, from design and planning through to staircase installation and beyond. Our made-to-measure staircases are designed with our clients’ budgets and requirements in mind. We live and breathe clever, innovative designs and our staircases are suitable for all types of residential and commercial properties.

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Hertfordshire internal and external staircase design

Our staircase contractors have built a reputation for excellence throughout the South East and we always aim to create made to measure stairs that exceed our clients’ expectations. From single staircase upgrades through to the design and installation of several staircases within new build properties, we take on projects of all sizes.

Our custom-made staircases are always functional and can be a stunning architectural design feature. We can translate your ideas and thoughts into lifelike designs for your approval and use specialist 3D rendering software, which will offer you a far fuller picture than 2D drawings.

We have a selection of pre-designed staircase options that can then be customised to your needs, with handrail, glass, timber balustrades and colour options to choose from. We can also design a premium staircase from the ground upwards.

Our bespoke staircase options include:

  • Helical staircases
  • Commercial staircases
  • Contemporary staircases
  • Glass staircases
  • Metal staircases
  • Residential staircases
  • Retail staircases
  • Steel staircases
  • Oak and glass staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • Floating stairs
  • Elliptical staircases
  • Cantilever staircases
  • Space-saving staircases
  • Custom staircases

Trusted staircase manufacturers near Hertfordshire

We offer our clients creativity, innovation, and professional design. Unlike architects, we are staircase specialists and therefore our service is a cost-effective way of creating new stairs that are custom-made and engineered to the specific requirements of your project. We also complete architectural services as part of our work.

Our staircase fitters can unlock the potential of your staircase and turn it into an exquisite architectural feature. Our service is always personalised and we work collaboratively with our clients ate very stage if the project, so we ensure complete satisfaction.

We encourage potential clients to seek out our services as early as possible, as this allows for maximum planning time. We can also work closely with other parties such as architects and contractors to ensure the process is as seamless and easy as possible and to ensure that all parties are aware of the agreed schedule.

Why choose a glass staircase for your Hertfordshire property?

Glass staircases allow much more natural light to flow around the room than standard staircases and these designs blend style and elegance. They will also add a modern edge to any home, and you can choose from an array of different designs, styles, and textures to add a unique look.

Glass staircases a particularly popular because they can make any space feel more spacious and appealing. They are also easy to maintain and do not require the same maintenance as timber, for example.

Our staircase design and installation process is straightforward:

  • We will visit your property and complete a thorough survey, where we will take detailed measurements of where the staircase will be and can discuss your requirements. This allows us to envisage the practicalities within the property and how you use the space.
  • We will create 3D rendering so you can picture the different options and how they may look in the available space. Many clients choose a standard design and then work from there, adding different colours and features. There is a whole palette for RAL colours to choose from.
  • We can then create a bespoke quotation for your staircase. Our standard staircases start from £9000. See some examples of recent projects that we have completed.

To speak to luxury staircase designers in Hertfordshire, call our staircase company

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