When designing a staircase, each home will have its own needs, from safety considerations to space availability. By working with an expert staircase designer, it’s possible to optimise the space you have and ensure the design fulfils its potential, even if you have a small hallway or area for the build.

Do you need a space-saving staircase? Here are some of the best staircase ideas for small spaces.

Replace an old bulky staircase

One of the most underrated rooms in the home is the hallway, often seen as a spot for putting on shoes and connecting floors. Unfortunately, many old staircase designs don’t help houses flow as well as they could or achieve the look or functionality desired for the property.

By rethinking the design, you can actually create more space in a small hallway, whether the aim is to produce a spacious feel via open treads or develop custom staircase storage to keep items out of the way.

Minimalist staircase designs

Modern staircases can be incredibly minimalist, saving vital space in a smaller property while enhancing the interiors through beautiful design. For example, cantilevered timber stairs with open risers can let light flood through a property and create a more spacious feel in small rooms.

If you’re designing a new space, you could even sacrifice a large landing by having a small connecting platform between stairs for L and U-shaped designs.

Innovative handrails

If your stairs are located in a narrow section of the home framed by walls, rather than installing a bulky banister, consider a slim, wall-mounted handrail. This can save valuable space while ensuring a robust safety feature on one or both sides of the staircase.

You can even incorporate staircase lighting around the handrail or treads if this will reduce the need for wall lights elsewhere.

Helical staircases

Traditional straight staircases can take up lots of space in the home, so why not consider helical stairs instead?

The spiralling shape of the design allows you to make the most of a small space, twisting its way to the next floor above. They’re also an excellent statement piece in any home, whether you’re hoping for a traditional look or something more contemporary.

Rethink awkward spaces

If you work with a designer of custom staircases, you can open up possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Even if you think a space is too awkward for stairs, e.g. where there are tight corners, an expert can show you via 3D computer images how the design could work in reality. That’s why it’s so important to hire a staircase company at the start of your home renovation project, unlocking a property’s potential.

Design space-saving stairs with a professional

Do you want to design the perfect staircase for a smaller space? Whether you’re building a new annexe, renovating your house or developing a new home, we can help. As expert staircase designers, DDC London will arrange an initial meeting with one of our architects to discuss your ideas. We work throughout the South East, including Belgravia and Belsize Park.

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