In a busy home, every inch of space is paramount, so if you’re designing a new staircase or renovating existing structures, the area under the stairs presents a fantastic opportunity for more storage. You may even be looking for additional spots to store items in your home if you’re planning a project, such as a loft conversion with new stairs.

Here are some of the best ideas for understairs storage.

Cupboards & shelves

In-built cupboards and open shelves are a great way to achieve a clutter-free home, keeping your hallways and entrance as minimalist as possible. For example, you could install an in-built coat cupboard or keep shoes on the shelves.

You can even add hidden pull-out storage drawers and cupboards that look like closed stair panelling when shut with everything tucked away under an enclosed area below the stairs.

Wine storage

If you’re building a new contemporary staircase, you could think about creating a space that complements the interior design look you’re aiming to achieve.

A good idea is to create a beautiful wine storage area under the stairs. This is particularly popular when creating an understairs wine cellar, which can even have stunning glass doors, chilled fridges and solid oak frames.

Bespoke storage areas

Many people implement floating or helical stairs to modernise their homes and open up their living spaces. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create bespoke storage under the stairs without compromising the beauty of the design.

You could even use a home renovation project as the perfect time to upgrade your staircase and add beautiful features you’ve always wanted, such as exposed timber treads.

Other under-stairs designs ideas

While the space under a staircase makes a great option for more storage, you can use this spot for something else too. This is sometimes a more cost-effective alternative to extending your home.

Setting up the area as a little reading nook with bean bags and low bookshelves makes the perfect spot to tuck yourself away.

Now there’s a trend to work from home, many people want a separate area for working that’s not their kitchen table or bedroom. If you’ve got the headroom, you could use the space under a staircase as a small home office. Find some images of understairs desks and see if you can work this into your design.

Create your perfect staircase design

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