If you’re starting a new staircase project, there are often many design decisions to make. The shape and structure of stairs impacts how they’re used and what they look like, so keep this in mind when designing a staircase for your needs.

A debate that homeowners often have is whether to choose closed riser or open riser staircases. There are some key differences between the two staircase designs, and the right choice will come down to several different factors, from personal tastes to practical requirements.

Here are some points to consider.

What are open and closed riser staircases?

In staircase terminology, risers represent the vertical section connecting horizontal treads (steps). With closed risers, there is usually a full panel between the treads, so you wouldn’t be able to see through the stairs from above or below. In contrast, open riser staircases have a space between each step, creating a more minimalist design.

What are the benefits of open risers?

Open riser staircases are becoming more popular, thanks to their use in open plan spaces, letting in lots of natural light to achieve modern, attractive aesthetics. They help produce a light, spacious feel while increasing visibility in the home. Another benefit of open riser stairs is the ability to create a ‘floating staircase’ appearance, especially if you choose a glass balustrade.

What are the benefits of closed risers?

Closed riser stairs are one of the most commonly found staircase designs in homes across the UK, often thought of as the more traditional choice. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t look exceptionally modern with the right design and materials.

One of the main benefits of closed risers is practicality, where a family-friendly staircase is required. Open stairs aren’t always the best option if you have little ones to think about. Another advantage of closed riser staircases includes increased storage capabilities in the space underneath, especially if you need more cupboards and drawers in an enclosed area.

Which staircase design should you choose?

Whether you choose a closed riser or open riser staircase comes down to needs. If you’re hoping to install a new staircase in a home with a young family where plenty of storage is required, closed risers are often the better choice. However, if you’d like to create a unique design, love open plan living and want to produce something ultra-modern, open risers give you that flexibility.

To create a design ideal for your home, speak to a staircase expert.

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