Staircases are an underrated area of a home’s interior design, but they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your property. Whether it’s beautiful timber stairs or a contemporary design, one way to enhance their appearance is via colour. It’s often something homeowners want to explore but don’t know where to start.

Luckily, here are some fantastic ideas for how to add colour to your staircase design.

Colourful floating staircases

If you’re designing a new floating staircase, there are lots of ways to enhance its style with colour, despite the minimalistic nature of these stairs. For example, different features can be chosen in similar or contrasting colours, such as a natural wood shade for the treads and a painted string in a shade of your choice. You could even bring the design together with a handrail of a similar colour.


Handrails and bannisters are a great way to add personality to your staircase design through their shape, material and colour. A bold bannister can update the look of an old staircase while becoming a defining feature of a new one. A different handrail can look particularly appealing when used to bring a white staircase to life, using an accent colour or a natural wood tone.

Staircase panelling

There are lots of benefits of staircase panelling, giving character to the walls while creating a seamless flow between the stairs and other spaces such as landings and hallways. Adding panelling is also the perfect way to bring some much-needed colour to the design, and you can even choose something that contrasts with your walls. For example, white panels look striking when placed against coloured paint or wallpaper.

Coordinating features

When you add colour to your staircase design, you can select several of the features to match, bringing the overall look together and helping the space flow into the next. For example, if you choose a coloured bannister, you could also select this shade for any understairs storage doors or the wall space along the side of the stairs too.

Mix staircase materials

If you’re not into bright colours or want a more natural look for your stairs, you can still add contrasting shades to the design via mixed materials. For example, beautifully crafted metal spindles can look gorgeous against wooden treads, enhancing the depth of their appearance without the use of intense colours.

Monochrome staircases

As well as colourful staircase designs, you can create stunning aesthetics with simplicity, such as the use of natural woods or even a monochrome palette. Black and white can work really well together to add contrast, drama and a focal point to your spaces.

Start your staircase design now

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