Staircase design by our staircase manufacturers in Battersea, London

Staircases are one of the most important features of any building. They can be the key to getting the overall design in our home or commercial property to work. Not only do they perform an important functional job but they will have a massive impact on the ‘feel’ and look of a property. DDC London is a team of premium staircase designers working for residential and commercial clients, Battersea, Vauxhall, Pimlico, Lambeth, and the surrounding areas.

We work with a wide range of clients, including local homeowners looking for luxury staircase upgrades, through to commercial organisations looking for made to measure stairs and premium stairs. We plan, design, and install a wide range of staircase designs, from glass staircases and oak and glass staircases, through to metal stairs and industrial staircases. We have designs for everyone and can even design stairs completely from scratch to fit your requirements.

Staircase design & build company in Battersea

Our service is completely bespoke and unlike general architects, we are staircase specialists. This means our service is unique – we design the highest quality stairs at the most competitive prices. We also use 3D rendering, so we can bring your staircase to life and you know exactly how it will look in your property before we install it.

We aim to design your staircase around your requirements, from the right design for your space, throughout to the materials and individual details. We will find the right staircase solution, whatever you are looking for.

We can design and build:

Our staircases are always carefully planned and designed. To talk to our staircase company about your ideas, please call now on 020 8004 9635.

Staircase designs available in Battersea

Here at DDC London, we can design and install a vast range of staircase designs. These can be adapted from our main luxury staircase models and adapted to your needs, or can be designed from scratch.

Staircase designs we work with include:

  • Glass staircases: If you have a smaller space, a glass staircase will give the illusion of more room because light can flow through. Our glass staircase designs are refined, elegant, and flexible, so they can be designed around your requirements. We can also install oak and glass staircases, that create a modern ambiance and add texture.
  • Helical staircases: Sometimes called curved staircases or circular stairs, these stairs can take you from one floor to another in a flowing circular rotation. They are suitable for residential and commercial staircases and are often an architectural focal point.
  • Spiral staircases: Space is often one of the reasons people choose a spiral staircase. They not only save space but can also make a bold design statement and make a lovely feature in houses and commercial buildings.
  • Metal staircases: Metal or steel staircases can be constructed in different shapes and sizes and offer a unique and bold aesthetic.
  • Cantilever staircases: These are stairs where the tread is fixed at one end, so it appears as a floating staircase. These stairs are available in a wide choice of options and in different materials, colours, and styles, to suit your property. They are also easy to install and can be combined seamlessly with an existing design.

Why choose our staircase architects near Vauxhall?

DDC London are staircase specialists and we want to make the process of designing beautiful, practical and cost-effective staircases accessible for everyone.

So why choose our staircase manufacturers in Battersea?

  • Expert staircase builders: We are staircase specialists and have designed and built a variety of staircases for countless different clients. Our work includes everything from helical staircases for small homes to vast curving staircases for commercial buildings.
  • Flexible designs: We work with a number of made to measure staircase designs that can be customised to your exact needs. Prices start from just £9000 but we can create a bespoke quote, depending on your requirements.,
  • 3D rendering: This advanced software allows us to show you exactly how your new luxury staircase will look. This process gives a much fuller picture than 2D techniques.
  • Cost-effective: We founded DDC London with so we could offer high-quality staircase design at affordable prices, so you do not need to hire a general architect. If you need architectural services or building services, we also offer these.

Nearby SW11 staircase architects: Why choose floating stairs or glass staircases?

A staircase can be a striking architectural feature within any home, drawing the eye towards it. Floating staircases are a popular choice in modern homes and their subtle design makes them appear as if they are suspended in air. This can add a unique look and is ideal if you are seeking a minimalist or contemporary design.

We also specialise in glass staircases in Battersea, that offers flexibility and versatility. Glass stairs allow the natural flow of light.

To request a luxury staircase quote from our staircase manufacturers in Battersea, get in touch

To discuss made to measure stairs in Battersea, please call now on 020 8004 9635 or email and we will get back to you.