Premium staircase design and staircase construction in Chiswick, London

Are you designing your dream home and are looking for a bespoke staircase design team in Chiswick, Gunnersbury, Kew, Barnes, Hammersmith or Acton? Perhaps you are reconfiguring a residential or commercial property and you are thinking employing a staircase architect? Or maybe you are limited for space and are wondering how a glass staircase could change the interior of your home and make it appear brighter and more welcoming? The team at DDC London can help.

We are staircase designers who design and install all types of staircases throughout your local areas. As staircase specialists, we bring expert knowledge that you won’t be able to glean from an architect who is looking over the design of the whole property. Rather than a handful of projects every year, our team works on countless staircase construction projects, bringing the very best knowledge and beautiful, made to measure stairs to our clients.

Staircase design & build company in Chiswick

We know that every building is unique and may benefit from different types of stairs. Whether you would like to create a statement with your staircase with a helical staircase or floating stairs or you are looking for space-saving stairs, our team will find the right stairs for your needs. We work on many homes within the Chiswick area, supplying and fitting made to measure stairs and can also help commercial clients who are looking for internal staircases and external staircases for commercial buildings, including offices, hotels, shops, and other premises.

When it comes to designing the perfect staircase, we explore many factors, including the space available, the style you are looking for and your budget. We always aim to maximise the space available and offer different cost-effective staircase solutions. To find out more call us now on 020 8004 9635.

Staircase designs available in Chiswick

Here at DDC London, we can design and install a vast range of staircase designs. These can be adapted from our main luxury staircase models and adapted to your needs, or can be designed from scratch.

Staircase designs we work with include:

  • Glass staircases: If you have a smaller space, a glass staircase will give the illusion of more room because light can flow through. Our glass staircase designs are refined, elegant, and flexible, so they can be designed around your requirements. We can also install oak and glass staircases, that create a modern ambiance and add texture.
  • Helical staircases: Sometimes called curved staircases or circular stairs, these stairs can take you from one floor to another in a flowing circular rotation. They are suitable for residential and commercial staircases and are often an architectural focal point.
  • Spiral staircases: Space is often one of the reasons people choose a spiral staircase. They not only save space but can also make a bold design statement and make a lovely feature in houses and commercial buildings.
  • Metal staircases: Metal or steel staircases can be constructed in different shapes and sizes and offer a unique and bold aesthetic.
  • Cantilever staircases: These are stairs where the tread is fixed at one end, so it appears as a floating staircase. These stairs are available in a wide choice of options and in different materials, colours, and styles, to suit your property. They are also easy to install and can be combined seamlessly with an existing design.

Let us help you with your bespoke staircase near Gunnersbury

The right staircase design can completely transform the interior of your property in Chiswick. Where square footage is limited, we can help create the illusion of more space with a glass staircase, oak and glass staircase or cantilever staircase. Or, you may wish to make your staircase an architectural focal point, with elliptical stairs, a spiral staircase, or even industrial stairs; there is a huge range of options.

Your stairs will be designed around your property, so they fit your interior perfectly. Many of our clients use one of our designs and then customise these to create a unique model. This includes the colour and materials. Or we can create premium staircases from the ground up. Our staircase architects and staircase manufacturers can also assist with other architectural projects at the same time, making us your go-to staircase company. Please see examples of our work.

Local W4 staircase architects: How does the staircase building process work?

  • One of our staircase architects in Chiswick will organise a no-obligation consultation, where we can look at the property and space and make suggestions around your new stairs. We can take measurements and discuss your ideas.
  • Our advanced 3D rendering allows us to show you exactly how your stairs might look in-situ. We have a set of standard models and can work with these to design a luxury staircase for you. As well as colour and materials, details that can be altered to fit your vision balustrades and handrails. You may know exactly what you are looking for but if not, our staircase architects will be happy to guide you.
  • Once the project has the go-ahead, we will seek your complete approval at every stage. We are happy to work alongside other trades, so your stairs are in place when you need them to be.

Keen to know more about staircase installation in Chiswick? Call our staircase company now

We would love to know more about your staircase ideas. Please call our staircase installation experts in Chiswick now on 020 8004 9635 or email