Homeowners often think of a staircase as an individual structure in their property with a simple, practical use. However, it’s actually a key part of how a space looks and feels, connecting all the rooms of the house as it flows into the landing areas.

When renovating a property or building a new home, how you design your landing and stairs should be an integral part of the planning process. From staircase lighting to safety aspects, we look at the considerations you need to make.

Ensure safe stairs

Landings and staircases must meet certain criteria so that the building meets fire safety building regulations. This ensures the safe passage between floors should a quick exit be required. It’s a critical part of the process when designing the space.

While safety should never be compromised, an expert staircase designer can show you some of the ways to strike the perfect balance between practical spaces and beautiful design work.

Optimise design features

The look of your landing can create welcoming spaces in your home, so don’t forget about the addition of architectural features here, whether it’s recessed spaces for storage and seating, stunning architectural beams or the materials you choose for adjoining stairs.

You could also consider how lighting is optimised throughout, with a growing trend for beautiful staircase lighting to create the wow factor in every part of the home.

Help the staircase design flow

Staircases should flow seamlessly through to landing areas, so it’s important to consider the flow of the design as a whole.

For example, can the timber used for stair treads be closely matched to wooden floors or skirting? How can you mix materials to complement each other? How can the landing and staircase design maximise views and natural light in the space (e.g. by installing open spindles)?

By taking these ideas into your concept meetings, you’ll create the perfect design for your home.

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