When refurbishing or building new areas within the home, choosing to redesign your staircase is a great way to transform the look of your spaces. Whether you want a minimalistic floating staircase for a contemporary appearance or decorative details to add character to traditional homes, there are plenty of design options to get your teeth into.

If you need some more inspiration for modern staircase designs, read on.

Staircase design guides - Introducing modern staircase ideas to consider

Staircase Shapes

From straight staircases to helical and spiral designs, you can think outside the box when it comes to the different shapes for modern stairs. This doesn’t just mean just choosing the direction in which you get from A to B.

There are lots of different shapes used within the design of contemporary staircases, including a box or circular central spine which supports the stairs without the need for a side wall. If you want to keep the illusion of an open staircase while providing more safety elements, you could add a glass balustrade to the design.

If you love the look of a floating staircase where the treads have no risers between them, a strong supporting wall is needed.

Unique Stringers

When designing the appearance of modern stairs, there are lots of different elements to consider. One of the areas that many people forget to think about when planning the design details is the stringer. Where there are fixed treads and risers along the staircase, the stringer is the part you can see on either side of these features.

Stringers can play different roles depending on the design you choose, including hiding the edge of the stairs from view, or they can be cut into a specially designed shape to create more of a feature for the staircase.

One of the most popular choices is zig zag stringers, exposing the tread profile and often eliminating the need for separate risers to be included if you want a more open feel to the stairs.

Modern Staircase Materials

Whether you love the look of staircases in traditional houses or you want something completely contemporary in a new build home, there are lots of materials you can play about with for the design.

Materials can be used for a variety of different reasons, from giving the staircase specific characteristics you want to defining the overall appearance. For example, for a traditional rustic look, you could use wooden materials such as timber in the design. Or if you like the ideas found in Scandinavian designs, opening up inspiration for different decorative or minimalistic touches, metal staircases are a great choice.

Let your staircase designer know about some of the looks you love.

Need more inspiration?

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