Whether you’re designing your dream home or looking to make upgrades to an existing property, deciding what style of staircase to choose can sometimes be overwhelming. From classic through to cutting-edge, deciding on the exact style requires some research into which one is best for your personal needs, aesthetic, and the overall design of your home.

Straight or curved staircases

The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to opt for a straightforward, simplistic staircase or more of a show-stopping, curved design. Much of this decision will of course be based on the limitations of your house and whether or not you’re happy to follow the necessary planning permission procedures for new staircases.

Once you’ve made this decision, you’ll then be able to select the exact design and construction materials you want to use for your staircase.

Floating staircases

Also known as cantilever or hanging stairs, floating staircases are a great choice for contemporary and modern homes thanks to their minimal, simplistic design. Making a striking design impact, cantilever staircases are particularly impressive when constructed using a combination of metal and wood – or even leather! Floating staircases require a supporting wall to one side of them, which is especially worth noting when considering the construction of a new home.

Central spine staircases

Impressive, alluring, and contemporary, central spine staircases are a stylish option that don’t require a supporting wall but still have the elegant effect of a floating staircase. Supported by a single support system that runs the length of the staircase, this design is great for spaces where natural light is needed throughout the entire property.

Glass balustrade staircases

Glass balustrade staircases are a popular choice that work well in both modern and traditional homes. Allowing more natural light into spaces such as hallways and landings without compromising on style, a glass balustrade staircase is great for those who want the modern look with the added safety of a balustrade. The glass can be more easily cleaned than wooden or metal staircases, and the clear surface creates the illusion of further space throughout your home.

Timber staircases

Timeless, traditional, and most at home in period properties, timber staircases are one of the most common designs used throughout residential properties, and often offer a range of balustrade styles. The main advantage of timber staircases is that they can be easily repaired, however, they do need treating to ensure optimum longevity.

Bespoke staircase design in London

As well as all of the options set out above, DDC London can accommodate other designs of staircase including those constructed from stone, metal, and just about everything else!

As well as cantilevered and central spine staircases, we’re also experts in L-shaped designs, winder styles, spiral staircases, and even bifurcated stairs. Explore our range of premium staircases and browse our model options online.

DDC London are on hand throughout the London area, and are the premier choice for bespoke staircases in Chelsea and luxurious staircases in Notting Hill.

If you’d like more information about what we do, get in touch with us today on 020 8004 9635 or at sales@ddclondon.co.uk.