If you’re installing a new staircase at your property, it takes meticulous planning to ensure the design meets your needs, including its style, function and cost. Your budget is one of the most critical aspects of the staircase design process, so decisions should be made with this in mind.

Follow our expert tips for creating a beautiful new staircase within your ideal price range.

Choosing a staircase to fit your budgetArrange a site visit and quote

Speak to an experienced staircase designer as soon as you can. A company offering architectural services can help you determine a realistic budget for what you’d like to achieve. They’ll often give you a base level for starting costs, and then you can build the perfect design from there to see how this works within your budget.

You should always begin with a free of charge site visit and quote to get a better idea about what to expect and the type of project feasible for the space available. This will save you time and money by placing your efforts in a suitable design from day one.

Advanced computer software will show you a 3D impression of the stairs, demonstrating how adding different features affects the overall cost. This will also allow you to be as clear as possible about your wishes, ensuring design quotes are as accurate as possible.

Find the right material

Always ask your staircase designer about the various materials available. Costs will vary between materials chosen, so you should discuss this to help you get the right balance between stunning aesthetics and price. For example, a traditional straight timber staircase is going to require a different budget than bespoke spiral stairs with an intricate metal design.

This process will be easier if you attend your concept meetings with ideas in mind, so always find images of the type of staircase you’d like.

Consider demolition costs

As well as building staircases for new build properties and extensions, many people redesign existing stairs as part of a renovation project. In these cases, the existing staircase will need removing, so demolition costs should be factored into your budget.

Design the best staircase for the space

One of the best parts about working with a professional staircase architect is using their knowledge to enhance the design for your budget and property space. They will support you to create a new staircase for any style of home. You could even minimise materials required while developing a stylish design of expert craftsmanship, such as floating cantilever stairs.

Don’t be afraid to play about with different shapes of staircase to see how this affects your project budget, especially if it’s a large design. By making tweaks, you can often lower costs without sacrificing the overall look and feel of the stairs. There may even be some standard designs to use rather than opting for a bespoke staircase.

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