One of the most important parts of the staircase design process is finding the right experts to work with. This means hiring a staircase design company who understands your needs, tailoring the experience to you. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a staircase designer.

How to find the right staircase designer to ensure a successful project. Choose a staircase company offering a personal service, knowledgeable designers, beautiful designs & a step by step process. Get advice from an expert.

A Personal Service

Choosing a new staircase for your home isn’t as simple as picking out a design from a catalogue and placing an order. There are lots of different elements to think about, including what’s practical in the space, how to create a staircase which works for you and your family, how your existing staircase will be replaced and the design details you want. This requires hiring a staircase designer who offers a personal service, putting you at ease as they spend time getting to know your needs and what you’d love to achieve. It helps create satisfactory outcomes and a positive experience throughout.

Knowledgeable Designers

When you first speak to a potential staircase design company, you should get a feel for their experience and knowledge. Do they have ideas to help bring together concepts you love? Can they talk about the pros and cons of different staircase materials or bespoke designs such as floating stairs? An experienced staircase designer should provide the perfect balance between providing advice about what works (and doesn’t work) and the best ways to bring your designs to life. Even if you only have a few initial ideas, they can guide you through the process to create something you love that works for you.

An Expert Staircase Design Process

When you get in touch with different staircase design companies or look at their website, can you get a feel for the process? How will they go about obtaining the project brief? Will they offer a free home visit and consultation? Are they just designers or do they provide the construction work too? Knowing what to expect will put your mind at ease. The point of bringing an expert onto your project from an early stage is to get things right from day one, guiding you through each step so that the process runs smoothly.

Beautiful Staircase Designs

When looking for a staircase builder, you should check out their website to see if they have a gallery of work or whether they talk about the types of design they specialise in. Some even have some models you can start with, customising the designs to suit your needs. They may even offer a premium service to design something completely bespoke from scratch. Each space you build in has unique requirements, so you need an expert on board suitable for your project needs.

Are you looking for a local staircase designer?

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