When selecting a staircase, the design you opt for can impact the way a home looks and flows, so it’s essential to make the right choice. There are lots of different staircase styles you can choose when renovating your house or replacing your stairs. One of the most popular options is cantilevered staircases, creating a floating design with the wow factor. Here’s everything you need to know.


Advantages (pros) of open tread staircases

Open tread staircases are without a doubt on trend at present, so if you want to give your home a modern look, they are certainly worth considering.

They give the illusion of space as they become a showcase part of a room, instead of being a separate boxed in entity.

Options we can offer include a floating staircase, where as the name suggests, the staircase appears to float in the air, with just one of each tread attached to the wall. This is probably best in modern builds, as the wall needs to be very strong to do the extra work.

We also offer a central spine, that looks a bit like an animal spine would, with treads supported by just one piece. An advantage of this staircase is you don’t need a strong supporting wall.

Both these staircases let in extra light, one of their big pluses as well as being a stunning design feature.

Open tread staircases are regarded as easy to clean. Just wipe them over with a wet wipe or mop every few days or so.

Any cons (disadvantages) of open tread staircases?

Some parents feel they are less safe for small children. Adults with mobility issues might find them more challenging than enclosed staircases. If a staircase leads off your reception area, you may want to avoid possible privacy concerns, especially with females wearing skirts, so position your furniture appropriately.

Advantages of closed tread staircases

Closed staircases don’t have to be boxy and boring. They can look just as stylish as their open tread counterparts. You can have the treads closed but still have interesting balustrades that also let in the light.

They are good for young children and people with mobility issues as they are less challenging to climb.

Disadvantages (cons) of closed tread staircases

Closed tread staircases are regarded as difficult to clean, depending on what appliance you use. Because the treads are narrow, it is not usually possible to balance a vacuum cleaner on them or get the vacuum hose to reach. One way round this is to hand sweep (downwards) until the vacuum hose is long enough from the bottom to reach the debris. If you have a wood or cement finish, it’s probably easier to just regularly wipe them down by hand or with a mop. Of course, taking off outdoor shoes will also keep dirt down as will not allowing dogs and cats upstairs.

Closed tread staircases can be dark if they have one side boxed in and some people regard then as old-fashioned. But we would urge you to have a look at our gallery and our staircase designs as we have both open tread staircases and closed tread that would suit both traditional and modern homes. As well as open or closed tread options, you will also need to decide which material you would like: we offer timber, metal and concrete – one of them will be perfect for your home.