From scenes in famous films to unforgettable architecture, there’s no denying that staircases can be iconic. That’s why we’re passionate about the design of modern staircases, working with clients from concept through to completion to bring their vision to life.

Spiral luxury staircase

When it comes to generating ideas for modern staircases, we believe it’s best to narrow down the criteria based on whether you want the staircase to save space, create a dramatic impact, or bridge the gap between modern design and a period property.

1.      Space-saving modern staircases

If you’re working with a smaller space or want to minimise both the budget and footprint of your modern staircase, we can work with you to design an attractive solution. Popular examples of space-saving staircases include spiral staircases and winder staircases, as well as those with quarter turns.

As well as working with you to devise the design of your staircase and produce a 3D rendering, we will also ensure that it complies with all of the relevant building regulations for smaller staircases.

2.      Dramatic modern staircases

We love working with clients who want to up the ante of their interior with an impressive staircase design. There are several ways to make an impact with your modern staircase, including keeping things stark and simple with minimalist styles or going for a glamourous approach with sleek glass balustrades.

Materials play a huge part in adding an impressive effect, with the premium modern staircases boasting materials such as marble, leather, steel, and concrete.

3.      Modern staircases for period properties

One tricky aspect of installing a modern staircase is designing them to fit seamlessly into period properties. While a clash of old and new can sometimes work really well, it can occasionally come across distasteful, which is exactly why you need experienced staircase experts on your side.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at these great examples of stylish, sympathetic modern staircases in period properties, or get in touch with us to have a chat about your own vision.

Have your dream modern staircase designed and constructed by DDC London

Working on everything from grand residential installations through to office and commercial spaces, we always start with a basic design and work with our clients to transform it into a thing of bespoke beauty. We work with our customers during the design process to figure out the number of steps and the addition of bespoke extras such as glass, timber, handrails, and custom colours. Offering several different types of styles, we love the modern look offered by metal and wood in simplistic models such as floating or cantilevered.

If you’d like to talk to us about your modern staircase project or would like an insight into some of our previous projects, have a browse through our online gallery or get in touch with us on 020 8004 9635.