While good staircase companies will be able to show you examples of the different staircase designs on offer, it’s vital you can customise some of the details to suit your home. Whether it’s deciding between timber and metal staircases, or thinking about the various shapes possible, you can make the design truly bespoke. Follow these top tips for a successful staircase project.

Bespoke staircase designs - creating the right design for your home

Unique Staircase Details

While there will always be staircases that look similar between homes, the design you choose can be customised to your needs. From glass balustrades to floating stairs, there are lots of different ways to add a wow factor to the design. A good place to start is deciding on the style you like, such as minimalist staircases or grand decorative designs.

From here, it’s easier to build up a picture of some of the features you’d love to add to your own staircase. Customise the model via the materials used, additional balustrades, tread depths, colours, side fixings and handrails.

Designing to Your Home

Whether you’re designing a staircase for a new home or replacing an existing one as part of a refurbishment project, it’s vital the structure suits the available space. This requires getting the balance right between aesthetics and functionality, considering who will be using the stairs, features you’d like, the sizing and the look you want to achieve.

As well as working for your home and lifestyle, you should also ensure the design fits in with your home décor, such as your flooring, considering colours, textures and materials. If you’re someone who likes to redecorate every few years, you may even want to add details which complement a changing environment.

Using the Space Wisely

While some people like their staircase to be a focal point or standalone element in the room, others want every inch of the available space to be used wisely. Therefore, you could consider how the area under the stairs will be used too, such as designing fitted storage or a nook for reading or working. If the stairs start in a kitchen or dining area, you could even implement a feature such as a wine fridge for a sophisticated touch.

Work with a Bespoke Staircase Designers

Working with the right staircase designer will offer you the key to a successful project, so have a chat with potential companies over the phone to see if you can get a feel for their style. If you want a bespoke staircase, they should give you a more personal service, including property visits to assess the space, examples of the type of designs which could fit the brief and guide you through the process step by step so that you feel well looked after.

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