When choosing the perfect staircase construction service, ensuring you work closely with them to get the design right first is essential. One feature that’s become more popular over recent years is glass balustrades, providing both functional and aesthetical advantages for the staircase design.

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of adding glass balustrades to staircases.

Staircase design ideas for homeowners - guide to glass balustrades
Beautiful Staircase Designs

Glass is one of the most discreet materials to add to a staircase design, complementing most property styles. Some property owners love designs that are completely transparent so that the features won’t obstruct the view of the treads, risers, stringer and the areas of the room normally blocked from sight. However, you can also make the glass a decorative feature in itself. This includes patterns which are etched into the material for beautiful and unique looks.

Glass balustrades can be attached to staircases in several different ways, including fixing them to the treads, stringer or newel posts. You can also alter the final look with features such as frameless designs or handrails.

Safety Feature for Open Stairs

When you build a contemporary staircase such as those which have a central spine rather than a supporting wall, it can create a beautiful look. However, in practical terms, some people want the stairs to feel safer without disrupting the minimalistic look and feel of floating staircase styles. A glass balustrade is a great solution for this, ensuring transparency so that the staircase features still feel open and visible while providing additional support.

Increased Natural Light

One of the best ways to create warm and welcoming spaces in the home is to increase the amount of natural sunlight that shines through the property. Many people choose to do this through increased amounts of window glazing, but there are some ways to ensure the light can keep travelling through your rooms. Glass balustrades can help with this, creating brighter interiors, whereas solid balustrades could block the light and create more shaded areas.

Durable Staircases

The quality of materials you use for new staircase designs will define its strength and durability. Glass is one of the most long-lasting options when it comes to balustrades. The sheets are usually toughened, which means the panes have undergone a special treatment during the design and manufacturing stages to help them withstand pressure. This adds extra safety reassurances when it comes to trips and falls that could occur on the stairs or if anything hits them when thrown in the room. The glass will be highly shatterproof.

You can maintain the appearance of glass balustrades thanks to how easy they are to clean, ensuring they look as good as new for many years.

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