Design made-to-measure staircases in Epping, Essex

The key to creating a fantastic entrance to your residential or commercial property in Epping, Theydon Bois, or Epping Green, is creating a beautiful entrance. Your staircase will be central to the overall design of your property.

Here at DDC London, we have been designing and installing stunning bespoke staircases for many years. Each staircase will be individually designed and constructed to meet your exact requirements. Our staircase company offers expert craftsmanship, an excellent eye for detail, and value for money.

Surprisingly, many clients do not consider the importance of their stairs when they are redesigning or updating their property. We can create beautiful staircases that not only maximise the space and look incredible but that act as a stunning focal point. From space-saving spiral staircases in compact flats to grand helical stairs in larger hallways, your stairs will offer presence, functionality, and style.

Our premium staircase designers make creating your new stairs enjoyable and easy. We can help guide you through the process. Many of our clients opt to customise one of our models, including adding additional balustrades and glass; choosing the materials; deciding on the depth and number of treads; and picking a shade from a RAL colour palette.

If you would like to book a free consultation with our staircase company, please call us now on 020 8004 9635.

Beautiful staircase designs near Theydon Bois

Staircases have a number of purposes beyond providing a simple and easy way to travel from one floor to another. Our specialist staircase designers will always create stairs that are functional but beautiful.

Our staircase manufacturers near Theydon Bois, Epping, or North Weald always work with the available space. For example, in larger and open-plan spaces, they can partition an area or even provide storage. In small spaces, a spiral staircase can provide a way of using very little floor space.

Popular staircase designs include:

  • Central spine stairs, where the stairs are supported through the middle, like a spine. These stairs do not require a supporting wall and often are designed as floating stairs to let the light through them.
  • Floating stairs or cantilever staircases that create the illusion of being suspended in mid-air because the treads have no risers. These are perfect for new build properties because they require a strong supporting wall.
  • Zig zag stairs, that have a continuous run of treads and risers to create a folded structure that looks like a zigzag. This design can create a sense of space whilst also becoming the focal point of a room.
  • Helical staircases that have an appearance of a curve or helix and can create a grand entrance. These stairs are often made of a combination of materials that can look cutting-edge.
  • U-shaped staircases that consist of two flights of stairs with a landing in between each flight. This makes efficient use of space.
  • L-shaped staircases, which are similar to U-shaped stairs but rather than a direction change of 180 degrees (with U-shaped stairs), stairs change direction by 90 degrees.

When designing stairs, our designers use 3D rendering, so we can show you what your stairs will look like. For more ideas, see our gallery.

Designs include:

  • Made to measure staircases
  • Designer stairs
  • Cantilever staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • Glass and oak staircases
  • Straight staircases
  • Central spine staircases
  • Replacement staircases for the home
  • Feature staircases
  • Steel staircases
  • Metal staircases
  • Luxury staircases
  • Helical staircases
  • Cantilever staircases
  • L-shaped staircases
  • U-shaped staircases

CM16 spiral staircase installation

Spiral staircases in Epping are becoming increasingly popular within both residential and commercial properties. We use precision engineering to create stunning designs in all materials, including glass, timber, and metals. The benefits of spiral staircases include:

  • They are space-saving and are almost vertical when compared with other types of stair designs.
  • All our staircase designs, including our spiral staircases, can be fully customised to meet your requirements.
  • The installation of spiral staircases is relatively low cost when compared with other stair designs.
  • Spiral stairs are often constructed from metal, making them extremely durable and long-lasting.

Luxury staircase consultations in Epping

We start every staircase design and installation project with a consultation, so you can tell us more about the project and what you are looking for.

We welcome enquiries at all stages of your renovation project and encourage prospective clients to get in touch as early in the process as possible. We design and construct both residential and commercial staircases; please see our blog: Bespoke staircases for commercial spaces.

No two staircases that we design are ever the same. If you would like completely bespoke stairs designed by our staircase designers from scratch, we can do this. Our designers also work on larger renovation and extension projects, including new builds and house remodels. We uphold the strictest standards set out by RIBA and ARB. See our FAQs.

Staircase quotations available for your home or business in :-

  • Broxbourne
  • Epping Green
  • North Weald
  • Stapleford Tawney
  • Waltham Abbey

To book a bespoke staircase consultation in Epping, call our staircase designers

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