Professional staircase architects in Ealing, London

DDC London is a bespoke staircase design team providing beautifully designed and manufactured stairs for homes, commercial buildings and other premises in Ealing, Greenford and throughout London.

Our small team of staircase designers has a wealth of experience designing stairs in all materials, that not only look incredible, but that makes the most of the available space and are cost-effective. Whatever the parameters of your staircase design project, our team will find the right stair solutions.

Designing stairs can completely transform the way your interior looks and how you use it. If your square footage is limited, you may want to consider a space-saving or spiral staircase, whereas if you have a large open-plan area, your staircase could become an architectural focal point. We design staircases in many shapes, colours and designs to suit your property, style, and budget.

Spiral, Glass, Helical and Circular Staircases in Ealing, West London

During any renovation project, it could be easy to overlook the importance of your stairs and the impact they have. Our staircase architects and staircase manufacturers are experts in the field and we have a series of standard models that can be customised to your needs or we can design your stairs completely bespoke – see our premium staircases for some examples of previous projects.

Our staircase designs feature:

  • Glass staircases: Glass staircases are popular because they are stylish, refined and elegant and can make any space feel brighter and more welcoming.
  • Helical staircases: Sometimes known as curved staircases, this design can be adapted to the room as there is no central column. These stairs tend to require more space than spiral staircases, but they can be designed to become the focal point of the room.
  • Metal staircases: Staircases with metal elements, such as steel staircases, can create a dramatic look.
  • Spiral staircases: Spiral staircases work well for open-plan areas and small floorspaces. They are a classic element that can add a sense of sophistication and mystery to your home.
  • Cantilever staircases: These are stairs where the tread is fixed at one end, so it can look like the treads are floating in mid-air. This design can really add the wow factor to your interior space.

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Our staircase specialists near Greenford (W5) can design your stairs

The impact of your staircase on the internal design of your home can be huge. If it is done correctly, your staircase will maximise the flow and feel of the home. Your stairs will often occupy the most prominent position within your home, so whether you are upgrading an existing staircase or are building a new one, it is essential that the project is completed properly.

We design and install residential staircases and commercial staircases, alongside design and build and architectural services. Whether you would like us to look at your staircase or a bigger design project, we offer flexibility and can adapt our services to your needs.

So how does our service work?

  • One of our team will visit your home to assess the space and take detailed measurements, and we can discuss the images you are looking for.
  • We can create 3D rendering to give you an accurate picture of what your stairs could look like. We work from our standard models – A, B, and C – and then can transform these to suit your exact space and budget. Details that can be customised include materials, colour, balustrades, and handrails, and glass. Our team of stair manufacturers can guide you every step of the way. We can also create premium staircases from scratch.
  • Our team of experts will work closely with you, and at each stage, we seek client approval.

Ealing helical staircases and curved stairs

Helical stairs are designed to have the appearance of a helix or curve, so they take you from one area to another by rotating round.

This style of staircase is popular in retail spaces and large commercial buildings and if you have sufficient space, they can look stunning in private properties.

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